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A day in Valkenburg

You might remember my Tiger Teddy outfit post, one of my latest outfit posts that I was really exited about (and you guys too, thanks for that!).  Well, I already told you in that post that Roy and I visited
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Happy Sneakers & Pink

Hi there! It's already been a week since I posted on A Couple -good start of the new name ehh?-, but I experienced some background issues, so I was just unable to publish until now.. Anyway, I'm still alive and
Outfit - Sunshine in Amsterdam - A Couple blog

Sunshine in Amsterdam

Yay, it looks like Spring is finally showing up! Last weekend, the sun came out and the weather was really nice -a lot of people even got tanned. I went shooting with Amber, who had won a photoshoot giveaway with

A new name for my Blog

Maybe you remember my blog birthday post, the post I published back in January when ilumuoti turned 4. One of the things I told you in that post, is that I was going to work on a blog plan and