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[:en][dropcap type="background"]T[/dropcap]hose who follow me on Instagram and Facebook will probably already know about it; Roy (my boyfriend) and I travelled to Curaçao in June. We wanted to go on a sunny holiday and we preferred a location not so close to our home country. After some conversations with collegues and friends and after searching for some nice destinations on the internet, we decided that Curaçao was going to be our destination.

  • Were looking for a nice  warm holiday destination for
  • Tuesday smile Already halfway my working week yay
  • SHOOTING DAY Had a fun day shooting at studioautomat today
  • SUNSHINE on a rainy day Hows your weekend so far?
  • STRIPED Wish I could wear this jumpsuit again  hows
  • BYE MONDAY Ohh this day went so so fast! Had
  • HELLO FRIDAY Ive got a busy weekend ahead do you
  • NEW EARRING  isnt she pretty?