4 Cool Girls to follow on Instagram

I think we can safely say that Instagram is one of the most popular apps at the moment. You can find me a lot on the app -though I only post once or twice a day- and I still love scrolling through photos of mainly bloggers and photographers, but also some of my friends. I’ve already listed 4 Instagram Accounts you should follow before, but I still got many accounts left to share with you. So today, I’m sharing the accounts of 4 cool girls to follow on Instagram with you, or you should at least check their accounts..


This account is runned by Mirjam Flatau and I’m just a big fan of all of her photos. Mirjam lives in Los Angeles and her feed is a mixture of photos of things around her, fashion shots and outfit shots and I just love the vibe of all photos in her feed. I seriously check her feed a lot, haha! ;)

  • chloe chloegirls cannesfilmfestival
  • Hey Cannes !
  • Well can you tell Im happy? More on my Instahellip
  • LA Cannes vintageporsche porsche911 commedesgarconsplay
  • El Mirage drag race  Wearing vintage yamaha tee hellip
  • Do you think they mind if I just drive awayhellip
  • Details now on wwwmijaflataucom cline collinastrada baserange
  • Yes! quotesbymija quoteoftheday


Claire is a fellow Dutchie and she’s become more and more popular lately. And well, I can totally understand that, since her feed is filled with lovely photos -mainly of Claire herself- and I really like her way of dressing and the vibe of the photos. She travels a lot and works on living the life she’s always dreamed of and I really admire that.

  • you and me a perfect love story  photo byhellip
  • summer in the city
  • that golden hour with you  santabarbara
  • Listen up girls closet sale alert   this Saturdayhellip
  • ill tell the world that youre mine and you gothellip
  • where the wild things are
  • very proud of my team and photographer cooperseykens  myhellip
  • with love from vogue


It’s incredible how many followers Marie has. But no surprise at all, since her feed is just really nice. Her vibe is extremely relaxed and her style is perfect. Just every simple item becomes a really special one when she wears it, you’ll almost become jealous, haha! ^^

  • Bang bang
  • maybe I wanna stay on this page a little longerhellip
  • Forever stealing other peoples dogs
  • Dream car  dream city localauthorityla


Bo is also a fellow Dutchie, but she has been living in New York city for a couple of years now. She’s getting married soon and she’s sharing this with her followers to, her feed is just really nice..!

Did you already know these girls?

xx Alex

  • Todays shopping essentials  Bought some nice new stuff readyhellip
  • Hi there! Im only a couple of hours away fromhellip
  • Happy Tuesday! You can now find a new outfit posthellip
  • When your legs are as white as your shorts Ahellip


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