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Hi! Here I am again.. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been really active on the blog lately. The reason for this is that I am just not inspired or too busy to blog or I just don’t feel like blogging.. I have decided to keep my blog the way it is right now: I blog whenever I want to and when I have inspiration and in other weeks, it will be a bit more quiet over here, I hope you don’t mind :)

I think I don’t have to tell you anymore that I really like Instagram. I still love going through all photos and to discover new accounts and would love to share a new list with nice Instagram girls with you today!


I recently started following Ophélie and I just love the vibe of her photos, she definitely deserves more followers!

  • not afraid delft suprdelft
  • Wild thing fennleonoor amsterdam
  • No better match than weekends and coffees With the loserhellip
  • left right left amsterdam belleroseofficial
  • For the love of corduroy thecordsco corduroy thecordsco
  • days with my babe laurensophiemessack rotterdam
  • Did someone say food? kekdelft delft
  • Morningggg  novazemblaveenendaal calvinklein wokeuplikethis not


Okay, well, it’s nog like Anita doesn’t have many followers, but that’s actually not what I meant by using this title, haha ;) Anyway, I’ve known Anita for quite some time now and I just love her style and Instagram, she’s definitely worth following!

  • Oh please let me drink my coffee  mitchellkenneth hellip
  • Happy Sunday loves!  mitchellkenneth cowboysbag
  • Hello Berlin
  • Welcome to my future house
  • Kiss Kiss Baby minimumfashion
  • In doubt about this sweater Want it but I donthellip
  • Happy happy morning nelsonschoenen minimumfashion
  • So whats your favorite music?minimumfashion


I think most Dutch girls might ‘know’ Vivian. I think some of her photos can be a bit ‘too much’, but I still always like her photos, you can really see that she thinks about them and spends a lot of time in making and editing her photos. I also really like the fact that she’s able to travel a lot as photographer and the photos she makes are just gorgeous too!

  • see what i see travel with me lets go onhellip
  • cant wait to fly to miami tomorrow! freezing my asshellip
  • portofino september 2017 byvivianhoorn 35mm
  • when your outfit is ready for the party but youhellip
  • little eye catching giveaway check my instastory for more infohellip
  • no bikini on a cloudy day
  • when you see a cute italian guy while drinking cappuhellip
  • you can leave your hat on selectedfemme


Frederique is such a sweet ánd inspiring girl. I mean; she graduated from law school, but decided to start fulltime blogging from scratch. I really admire that and her unique style!

  • One of those days youre wearing the same outfit againhellip
  • A ticket to the tropics sil vous plait mood Anyonehellip
  • Its ya girl breaking out them bare legs again mightbethelasttimehellip
  • Fall colors teddycoat fallfashion ootd geenvoertuigenvoormijnneusjwz burgundy corduroy corduroypants stellamccartneyhellip
  • Its the Mc Freddy Dizzee in her new outfitizzee captionbyboyfriendhellip
  •  me today fauxfur fauxfurcoat obviously veganfashion hideandseek happymonday
  • Hello new hair! Sooo happy with the result of myhellip
  • A freaking fleeky start of the weekend spotting yourself inhellip


Ehh well, I just love the images of this feed, especially the product/flatlay photos. The colors and lightning are just always perfect and pretty!

  • Lace up bootie obsession is real this season Shop similarhellip
  • The bigger the bag the bigger my productivity Shop httpliketkit2t90Qhellip
  • I thought winter was coming Full look on theVersastylecom hellip
  • Boots with the fur Shop the details httpliketkit2t7wE  hellip
  • Layers but with a skirt so it doesnt really counthellip
  • Never met an peep toe bootie I didnt love Newhellip
  • This Fall sunshine is bumming me out Full details onhellip
  • Contrasting knits and metals causes opposites attract Shop this lookhellip


I’m going back to Instagram now on the hunt for some new nice accounts, don’t forget to leave your username in a comment!

Did you already know these girls? What account in this list is your favorite one?



  • so heres the thing about me  Instagram I lovehellip
  • another Summer throwback since I got no new photos tohellip
  • happy Thursday!
  • hope you had a great Monday

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