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Hi! Here I am again.. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been really active on the blog lately. The reason for this is that I am just not inspired or too busy to blog or I just don’t feel like blogging.. I have decided to keep my blog the way it is right now: I blog whenever I want to and when I have inspiration and in other weeks, it will be a bit more quiet over here, I hope you don’t mind :)

I think I don’t have to tell you anymore that I really like Instagram. I still love going through all photos and to discover new accounts and would love to share a new list with nice Instagram girls with you today!


I recently started following Ophélie and I just love the vibe of her photos, she definitely deserves more followers!

  • Always moving coloursofautumn poletteeyewear poletteeyewear
  • This babe and her happiness fennleonoor girlsgoneloavies sachaxfashionchick
  • Wearing sunglasses while going to the mac for a latehellip
  • Having too much fun with laurensophiemessack You can only seehellip
  • Not a difficult choice eating my doughnut or posing inhellip
  • Acting like a girlboss  Enjoy 20 off your purchasehellip
  • Still suprised that at least one picture succeeded fennleonoor hellip
  • Always walking on the edge guuskierkels phonevsme thefamilygoestothephillies sunset


Okay, well, it’s nog like Anita doesn’t have many followers, but that’s actually not what I meant by using this title, haha ;) Anyway, I’ve known Anita for quite some time now and I just love her style and Instagram, she’s definitely worth following!

  • Time for a break
  • Morning babes!
  • Taking a little nap blackstonefootwear meettheinfluencersagency spons sp ad
  • Morning babes! What are you doing today? Im having ahellip
  • My number one accessory lately the umbrella sachashoes
  • Sunday with Wrangler 70yearswrangler bodybespoke wranglergals
  • Back to black cause Fall is here!
  • Shiny shiny shiny


I think most Dutch girls might ‘know’ Vivian. I think some of her photos can be a bit ‘too much’, but I still always like her photos, you can really see that she thinks about them and spends a lot of time in making and editing her photos. I also really like the fact that she’s able to travel a lot as photographer and the photos she makes are just gorgeous too!

  • see what I see travel with me follow byvivianhoorn forhellip
  • shadows 35mm analog
  • high on life
  • when life 35mm
  • posing in positano
  • when you actually crying inside because you wanted pasta hellip
  • baby lets go for a ride
  • get your wolford items now at hudsons bay  wolfordtribehellip


Frederique is such a sweet ánd inspiring girl. I mean; she graduated from law school, but decided to start fulltime blogging from scratch. I really admire that and her unique style!

  • Indian summer vibes in da city melikey mustardyellow chillin leidenhellip
  • Such a cute Saturday brunch was delivered at my homehellip
  • Milano brillianceforall swarovski mfw dungarees patent fishnettights kenzo carrecouture
  • In Milano with my swarovski sisters  brillianceforall milan gratefulhellip
  • If somebody gave me 50 cent every time I ravedhellip
  • Guess I fancy leo lately fauxofcourse leolove stellamccartney vegan flatlayhellip
  • Todays note to self Discover the unknown and see thehellip
  • Never not capturing the beauty of this city leiden currenthometownhellip


Ehh well, I just love the images of this feed, especially the product/flatlay photos. The colors and lightning are just always perfect and pretty!

  • New week new handbags  henribendel Shop these bags httpliketkit2sPLahellip
  • Perfect tanks and tees always set the foundation to myhellip
  • That feeling of Fall is on the air Shop thishellip
  • Oh hey Fall  Im been waiting for you allhellip
  • Bye Summer  see you next year! Shop this lookhellip
  • Currently somewhere between black and white Shop my closet httpliketkit2sNkKhellip
  • Classix with some 2017 twists Tap for details or shophellip
  • You had me at encrusted spiked choker  So inhellip


I’m going back to Instagram now on the hunt for some new nice accounts, don’t forget to leave your username in a comment!

Did you already know these girls? What account in this list is your favorite one?



  • Monday back to work Enjoy your day  week!
  • This weekend is a good one Hows your weekend sohellip
  • Happy Weekend!  Im off to Leiden to shoot withhellip
  • Good morning!  Im actually already missing my warm andhellip

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