Christmas Fair in Düsseldorf

Just when I thought I was kind of back in the blogging game, some issues appeared and my entire blogging rhythm was gone again. I had some real struggles with my theme and it really demotivated me to blog. So, I found another one -my current theme- and I love it that much, that I really wanted to post a lot immediately.

However, the last couple of weeks were freaking busy at work -I organised an event! :)- and I had some trouble with sleeping, so I just had no energy to blog. I also planned a lot of stuff in the weekends, so I just couldn’t find the time & energy to make photos and to create good posts. I have plenty of outfits I want to share with you, but I can’t do shoots after work and I just didn’t have time during the weekends..

I made some sort of planning no, so I hope I will be able to blog a bit more regularly, since I really love blogging and it really frustrates me that I am not able to do it in the way I want to. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this, since it really bothers me and writing it off always helps.. :)

Christmas Fair Düsseldorf

So, about today’s post: I already told you that Roy and I visited the Christmas Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany last weekend. This Christmas Fair is well known in The Netherlands too, especially since it’s close to the Dutch border. Well, I can tell you that the fair was very disappointing. The stands were not really close to each other and they were all about food, food, food, drinks and some Children’s items. And that’s it. Nothing more. Oh, and it was overcrowded, so we got really annoyed and decided to go for a cup of tea and hot chocolate.. Next to the river and giant wheel, which were both nearly invisible due to extreme misty weather.

So, we decided to go home after an early dinner, since we just didn’t know what to do during the rest of the day and evening. Anyway, the day was kind of disappointing, but we still had fun together. I made a couple of photos and I decided to make a short video, though I didn’t see many inspiring stuff.. By the way, Roy was really exited about filming, so we planned to do that more often while travelling! :)

Have you ever visited the Christmas Fair in Düsseldorf? And what do you think of the video?

xx Alex

Christmas Fair in Dusseldorf - ilumuoti - travel

Christmas Fair in Dusseldorf - ilumuoti - travel

Christmas Fair in Dusseldorf - ilumuoti - travel

Christmas Fair in Dusseldorf - ilumuoti - travel

Christmas Fair in Dusseldorf - ilumuoti - travel



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