About A Couple

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”

Hi, welcome to A Couple!

I am Alexandra, 24 years old, Dutch, crazy about blogging, dancing, photography & events, addicted to Instagram, fanatic eater of peanut butter, a perfectionist and always willing to eat at a Chinese restaurant. A Couple is an online expression of me where I show the things going in my life and where I can express myself in a creative way in the fields of photography, fashion, travel and other subjects.

A Couple is my personal space on the internet where I can talk about the things I would like to share and to express my creativity. However, A Couple is also my place to inspire others. By starting discussions and talks about certain subjects and by showing and introducing certain items.

I spent a lot of time in creating the posts on A Couple, because the quality of both texts and photos should be good. Quality above quantity, because I only want to post items I fully support. My aim is to publish a new post for you each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Next to that, I post daily updates on Instagram :)

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