Kruidvat post

Hi there! From now on, my posts will only be available in Dutch. Maybe I’ll come back later in both languages again, but for now you’ll only find Dutch posts on my blog. Read this post in Dutch.

New phone: iPhone 8 plus rose gold

  Hi there, I have decided that I will only blog in Dutch for the upcoming period. Writing my posts in two languages takes a lot of time, time I don’t have at the moment. I  might translate the posts once I’ve got the time for it, in the meantime, you can visit my Dutch […]

Miss Sporty // byAlexandraHuijgens

Hi there! I recently finally found some time again to do a nice fashion shoot, something I would love to do more often! I made a concept/moodboard for a sporty meets high fashion shoot in a sporty environment and decided to look for a team in a couple of Facebook groups. I found a nice […]

Boek mij als fotograaf

Ben jij op zoek naar een fotograaf? Boek mij als modefotograaf, portret-/lifestylefotograaf of als fotograaf voor jou als blogger/influencer/merk/bedrijf.

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