Mysterious Siblings // byAlexandraHuijgens

[:en][dropcap type=”default”]As[/dropcap] a photographer, you sometimes have to deal with models that aren’t that great as you expected or that just don’t understand what you want to achieve with a certain shoot. Nica & Silvan however -a brother & sister I met years ago- aren’t like that at all. They understand what we want to create and I must say that they’re really good models.

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Mylan // byAlexandraHuijgens

[:en]Copyright ILUMUOTI Alexandra Huijgens - Mylan Eadon -4

Well, I also have been doing some nice photography things while I wasn’t blogging! Or well, I think this shoot already took place before my blog break, but I didn’t share the photos yet and I actually couldn’t wait to finally share them with you. I did a super nice shoot with Mylan, a boy I ‘know’ from 10 years ago and from the dance studio.

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