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[:en][dropcap type="default"]As[/dropcap] a photographer, you sometimes have to deal with models that aren't that great as you expected or that just don't understand what you want to achieve with a certain shoot. Nica & Silvan however -a brother & sister I met years ago- aren't like that at all. They understand what we want to create and I must say that they're really good models.

  • STRIPED Wish I could wear this jumpsuit again  hows
  • BYE MONDAY Ohh this day went so so fast! Had
  • HELLO FRIDAY Ive got a busy weekend ahead do you
  • NEW EARRING  isnt she pretty?
  • Hi weekend
  • Still loving the Ibiza sunlight  colours  And my
  • Hi weekend so good to see you  Do you
  • Please take me back  ibiza