ilumuoti four years - blog birthday!

🎉 Four Years 🎉

Today is a day of celebration: I founded ilumuoti exactly four years ago! I still feel like time has gone by super quick and I just cannot believe how many things have changed ever since I founded this blog. Little sidenote, this morning (25/01), I discovered that his information is incorrect.. My blog its birthday is tomorrow, 26/01.. Whoops! #stupidgirl.. Anyway, we can still have look back on four years, even though the celebration is tomorrow..! ;)

Year Four

Well, I think we can agree on the fact that my fourth year of blogging was a bit weird and had some ups and downs. I mean, today, exactly one year ago, I announced that I was taking a break for an undefined period of time. I wasn’t sure about blogging anymore, but decided to come back and enjoyed blogging again for about 1,5 months. And well, during this period, I found out that I was just too busy at that moment and I didn’t enjoy blogging anymore, so I decided to quit.

I didn’t blog between April and November, but I started to miss my online space, so I decided to relaunch ilumuoti. I started with a new and fresh lay out, but this one didn’t work out and I lost my motivation and energy to blog again. So, after a couple of weeks I got a new lay out and I am still super happy with it. It has the right looks, it’s how I wanted it, and it really motivates me to fill the lay out with nice posts, so I’m very happy about my choice. I have enjoyed blogging a lot since that moment :)

So.. What’s next?

One of the things high on my priority list is making a plan for ilumuoti. I see bloggers & Instagrammers I have already known for a while growing a lot, but for some reason I am not. It’s a bit frustrating, but I am sure I will be able to find my way to blog, though I’m still having a struggle in balancing work, hobbies, photography and my blog. One of the things I am thinking of is changing the name of my blog. Ilumuoti is hard to pronounce, I think I’m the only person who knows the meaning of it and it doesn’t feel personal enough.

I will start researching some of my blog things soon and I will make a nice blog 2017 plan after that. At least one of my goals is to make ilumuoti even better and more professional and I hope the hard work will pay off a bit more soon..

I would also love to meet with girls; bloggers or not! We can have a drink, visit a nice place and take too many photos, shoot outfits or anything else we like. Please send me an email so we can pick a date for meeting up with each other:  Oh, and I also love meeting up with girls I’ve already met! :) Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the photo isn’t really a party photo, you should know that I only found out about this ‘birthday’ on Monday, so I didn’t have the opportunity to make nice photos (because of work and a concert)..

Feel free to eat a piece of cake today, since it’s my blog its birthday!

xx Alex



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