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[nederlands]  You might remember the day: 5 November 2015. Also known as ‘International H&M website down day‘, the day on which fashionista’s from all over the world were lying in front of H&M stores and refreshed the website from 10:00AM to 2:00PM hoping to score a H&M designer item. Well, on that day, I also checked the H&M website because I really liked one pair of shoes of the designer collection of this year: Balmain x H&M (a.k.a. #BALMAINATION).

I must admit that I also loved checking the H&M Twitter & Facebook accounts once in a while, since a lot of people (read: everyone who couldn’t access the website) were angry on H&M because the website was down. Like always. And well, I wasn’t that surprised about it, even though I think it’s funny that a website can’t handle something like this nowadays. But okay, anyway, I just loved reading all of these angry comments; “I will never visit H&M anymore!”, “H&M is just an awful store!!” etc. etc. I’m really wondering if these people still think about it like this…

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on the pair of heels I wanted, so I’m a happy girl! The ‘heel’ parts of the heels are made of leather, which I always like about shoes. The rest of the shoes are made of black cotton straps with gold shaded connectors, which make the heels even more classy. Normally, I’m not that much into gold, but for some reason I just really like it on these shoes, the gold details just give the heels a little bit more class and style. The heels are 11cm high -whoops- and I think these will be my ‘special’ heels from now on! But: I’ve also already planned a super nice look with them, I hope I’ll be able to share it with you soon! :)

Did you buy a Balmain x H&M item? And what do you think of these heels?

xx Alex


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Copyright ILUMUOTI - Balmain x HM heels


  1. Wauw, heb jij geluk! Ik geraakte de hele tijd niet op de webshop, dat was echt frustrerend. En het is inderdaad weer elk jaar hetzelfde. Maar ik ben blij voor je dat je jouw dream shoes hebt kunnen bemachtigen! Ze zijn echt prachtig. Geniet ervan xoxo

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