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If you have been following my blog for more than a year, then you probably know that my hair used to be super long. Like touching my booty long. And well, my hair is pretty thick and heavy too, so my hair wasn’t really willing to be nicely done with curling wands etc. But my hair is a lot shorter now -dûhh- and therefore I got curious whether a good curling wand would work this time.

Irresistible Me asked me if I wanted to test their curling wand, so I decided to say yes! I received it a while ago, but I couldn’t use it, since it has an American plug, so it took me a while to find a convertable plug and I finally found the opportunity to test the wand last Sunday. The wand I received is called the ‘Sapphire 8 in 1 Curler‘ which comes with 8 interchangeable barrels, so you have many options for curling your hair!

The wand is nicely packed in a sort of leather-look bag with a lot of pockets for each barrel and the wand itself. It also contains a heat protecting glove, a user’s guide and a resting stand. I decided to test one of the barrels, the one that got me curious: the one with some sort of ‘balls’ on it. I brushed my hair -which should be dry!-, turned the wand on and started curling my hair. Well, I must admit that curling my hair is not something I’m super good at, but it worked!

My hair was a bit fluffy when I started curling, but the wand made it smoother and more shiny, which is a nice thing! The curls also ended up pretty nice and lasted long, so that’s a good thing too, since that’s what a curling wand should do… ;)  I don’t know if I will use the curling wand a lot, since my hair has a natural curling thing and I always think curling my hair takes a lot of time, but I would definitely recommend you to check the products of Irresistible Me if you’re still looking for a nice curling wand or styling iron!

Have you ever used a curling wand? And what do you think of my curls?

xx Alex


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Left: before using the curling wand – Right: with curls after using the wand

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