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Back on the Blog

Hey, hello! Yess, here I am again. It’s actually been a month (!) since I published my latest post, which wasn’t really planned, but I’m back! The reason for my absence is actually a double reason. The first reason, which was the only planned one, was a holiday. Roy and I went on a lovely holiday (more about that on the blog soon!) and I decided not to plan anything ahead and to give my blog a little break too. However, I was super busy during the last 2 weeks, the weeks back in Holland, due to a dance performance and a bunch of shoot photos I still had to edit.

So yeah, I just didn’t have time to work on my blog, though I tried to stay as active as possible on Instagram. The last couple of weeks were filled with some fun stuff, including a dance performance and the mentioned holiday, and I have some nice things coming up, so I thought it would be nice to give you a little update on my life, since I really feel like life is treating me well at the moment.. :)

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“Bought myself an early b-day present.. oops”

To start with something nice: it’s my 24th birthday today! Can’t believe I’m already that old haha! Last week, Roy and I visited the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam -the high-end shopping street- since I spotted some really nice items at the Chanel store at the airport during our holiday. I didn’t want to buy something on the airport, but I really wanted to visit the store once back home. I ended up buying myself an early birthday present: a new Chanel bag! I’ll tell you more about it on the blog soon ^^

Another great thing, partly connected to my birthday since my parents gifted it to me: I will start with a short photography eduction course in October! I’ve been doubting about it for a while and more people started to mention that I should do it, to improve myself. And well, after visiting some open houses and having some nice talks at one of the schools, I made the decision to go for it. And as if was meant to be: I’ve some really nice things going on regarding photography (for companies) and my blog, so I really feel like it was the right decision.

From now on I’ll be back on the blog, hope you like to see me again, haha ;)

How are you doing?

xx Alex

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