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[:en]Copyright ILUMUOTI - Irresistible Me Curling Wand If you have been following my blog for more than a year, then you probably know that my hair used to be super long. Like touching my booty long. And well, my hair is pretty thick and heavy too, so my hair wasn't really willing to be nicely done with curling wands etc. But my hair is a lot shorter now -dûhh- and therefore I got curious whether a good curling wand would work this time.

  • HAPPINESS  The beach always makes me feel happy! Hows
  • I C O N I C  Had a fun
  • Shadowplay   Ive been pretty inactive on Instagram lately
  • In loooove with my new jumpsuit  Wasnt in love
  • Shooting day on the beach
  • Hurray its my birthday!     ps check