Twenty Two

*lees dit artikel in het Nederlands* Whoopwhoop, it's my birthday! I was 'founded' today (around 5PM) in 1993, which means that I'm now 22 and well, I can say I've already done a lot of very nice things and well, I

New Haircut | I Did It!

EN | WOAAAAH, I DID IT! I cut my hair! Or well, the hairdresser did it, but you got the point right? Last week I decided that I had been thinking too long about it and that I just had

Feest! ILUMUOTI is jarig!

"Lang zal ze bloggen, lang zal ze bloggen, lang zal ze bloggen op ILUMUOTI. Hieperdepiep, HOERAA!" Woohoo, vandaag is ILUMUOTI jarig! Eigenlijk kan ik het allemaal nog niet helemaal bevatten en vind ik het ook heel bizar dat ik inmiddels alweer 2(!)
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