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[nederlands]  I already told you about one of my latest buys recently, but I promised a separate post about it: I bought a new designer bag! After buying my Chanel Classic bag and my Givenchy Antigona bag, the Céline trio bag was on top of my designer wishlist.  I have to admit that I actually wanted the bag in a white color… You probably already noticed it; I didn’t buy the white bag, but a bordeaux/burgundy red one. Every time I visited Amsterdam I tried to visit the warehouse De Bijenkorf; a sort of Dutch version of Harrods/La Fayette etc.. This is one of the few places in The Netherlands at which Céline bags are being sold, but unfortunately they can’t order any bags. Therefore I just had to check the collection each time in Amsterdam, but they told me that they were also waiting for black & white ones to be delivered.

A few weeks ago I visited Amsterdam, together with my parents and I decided to check the Céline bag collection, since I thought it would be nice if I could buy the bag as a little Christmas present to myself. Unfortunately they still didn’t have the white bag, but I spotted this bordeaux/burgundy one and I fell in love when I tried it on. My parents immediately started convincing me to buy the bag, since they thought it was pretty, mature, classy, good to combine etc. and well, I had to admit that it would probably better than the white one, so I bought the bag a sa Christmas present to myself. And I’m stil in love with it…

What do you think of my new bag? :)

xx Alex


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