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New Lord Timepieces watch + giveaway!

Watches have always had a place in my life; my dad is kind of addicted to watches, so we always stopped at jewellery shops and I was there with him when he bought his first expensive one. My dad has also always spoiled me with watches – I have serious never bought a watch myself as far as I remember- and with Roy, I’ve got another major watch lover besides me. And well, I must admit that I got to like watches too, especially classy and thin ones.

I recently got the chance to pick a nice watch from Lord Timepieces, a brand I didn’t know before.

“Lord Timepieces is for people wanting to control their destiny.” – Lord Timepieces

Lord Timepieces sells watches for men and women and most designs are really classy and minimalistic, so I got really exited to pic one of them. I spent some time on the webshop, since I also really liked the mens watches and I was doubting to order one of them. At the end I decided to pic two watches: the Classic Date Black and the Classic Pink (which I didn’t order for myself).

Lord Timepieces Classic Date Black

The packaging of the watches is already awesome. I received the watches in beautiful black boxes with a black sleeve and they are placed in soft protection foam. Each watch also comes with a little manual. The package also included a ‘Certificate of Lordship‘ which actually made me laugh out loud. I really like this extra touch, it makes it feel more special and the brand is really doing something unique by doing this. The watch I chose for myself is the Classic Date Black, a clean black watch with rose gold details and a date stamp. And I’m really in love with it. I’m usually not a big fan of (rose)gold in watches, but in this case, the rose gold makes the watch even more classy and perfect. The watch is light and thin and therefore also really nice to wear, so I’m really happy with my choice!

“Lord Timepieces creates timepieces for aspirational achievers. For winners. For you.” – Lord Timepieces


Next to the black watch, I also picked the Classic Pink watch as displayed on some of the photos. Lord Timepieces and I think that you should also own one of their watches too, so I actually chose the pink watch for one of you! The giveaway is running on my Instagram page, all details can be found at this post. Oh, and you can also find a nice 10% discount code in the description of this photo ^^

Did you already know this brand? And what do you think of my new watch?

xx Alex

the watches in this post were gifted to me by
Lord Timepieces as part of a collaboration

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  1. Leuk dat je er ook een weggeeft! Ik zat al te denken, ik zou ook de roze uitkiezen! Omdat mijn horloge een beetje – heel erg – aan het vergaan is, zoek ik al een tijdje naar een roze (of helemaal zwart, ook leuk!) horloge, maar je komt echt nergens een goedkoop horloge tegen. Omdat ik m’n horloge elke dag om heb wil ik er best wat meer aan uitgeven, maar ook niet te veel natuurlijk. Voor hoe goed deze eruit zien vind ik de prijs wel meevallen trouwens! Ik doe dus mee, zoals je misschien al zag op insta :)
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