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New minimal Luz bracelets

Santa came a bit early this year! Sacha shoes gave me the opportunity to pick some jewellery from their Luz accessories collection. I was already familiar with this collection, since I visited the launch of the sub-brand and I own two necklaces. Luz by Sacha is a minimalistic jewellery line, mainly in silver and gold (not real silver and gold, but plated).

I already own two gorgeous minimalistic necklaces of Luz, so I decided to check the bracelets, since I knew they have some pretty ones. I ended up with two bracelets: a silver bracelet with my constellation and a silver bracelet with an origami bird. The bracelets got delivered within a couple of days and they make me a happy girl! They look super nice, are minimalistic and they have the perfect size, which is pretty unique, since most bracelets are usually to wide for me.

The only ‘downside’ I can think of is the packaging of the bracelets. They came in a white envelope and were wrapped in plastic, while their Instagram feed and other feeds always show pretty boxes. I also think boxes would be a better way of packaging for jewellery, but it’s about the product in the end, so it’s not that much of a big deal.

I’ve already worn the bracelets a couple of times now and I am still super happy with them, since they can be combined in many ways. I think bracelets like these are a perfect Christmas gift, so if you’re still looking for a nice Christmas gift for a friend/family member, I would recommend you to check the Sacha website! They also have a nice collection of pumps, so visiting the website to complete your Christmas look could also be a good idea ^^

What do you think of these bracelets?

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