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Maybe you remember my blog birthday post, the post I published back in January when ilumuoti turned 4. One of the things I told you in that post, is that I was going to work on a blog plan and that I wanted to change the name of my blog. For some reason, I have just lost the feeling with the name ilumuoti and I also concluded that the name is just too hard to pronounce and that the meaning doesn’t suit my blog anymore. The name literally meant beauty & fashion, but my main topics do not include beauty anymore.

So I decided to think about a new name, a name that is more general, a name that fits me and a name that can be pronounced internationally. And here it is, from now on, the name of my blog will be ‘A Couple‘ and the meaning has to sides. One side is the fact that I have Roy by my side now. Roy and I met about a year ago and he became one of the most important elements in my life. His name shows up a lot on this blog and many experience I write about include Roy, so I felt like I had to involve him a bit more. He probably won’t start writing posts, but he will probably appear a bit more on the blog.

The other side of the name is that the name can mean a lot and in this case, it feels like it kind of describes my blog. This blog is a fashion, lifestyle & photography blog, so many topics appear. Therefore, you could say that this blog includes ‘a couple of outfit posts’, ‘a couple of stories’, ‘a couple of photoshoots’ etc. etc. and I just feel like this blog name is the right one for me at the moment.

Some of my social accounts have had a name & url change, so from now on, you can follow me on these accounts:

During the upcoming days I will slowly change all ‘ilumuoti’ references on this blog (old blog posts will be the last items to change) and my url will be changed to a new url tomorrow: & will also refer you to my new website, such as a couple of other urls featuring ‘acouple’. I hope all transfers will go fine and I hope you’ll still enjoy my website as much as you did before! Please let me know if you experience any issues during the process!

What do you think of my new blog name?

xx Alex

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  1. Hoewel ik nooit wist wat je blognaam betekende (oeps, haha) vond ik hem wel heel leuk en vooral herkenbaar! Je nieuwe naam vind ik ook heel mooi! Ook de gedachte erachter. En ik zie je blog inderdaad meer als een fashion & lifestyle blog, dus ik snap dat je naar een nieuwe naam opzoek was. Hoewel ik zelf nu een aantal travel artikelen schrijf, heeft mijn blog wel hetzelfde onderwerp als jouw blog. Maar ik ben pas echt veel over fashion gaan schrijven toen ik een nieuwe blognaam had die op dit moment meer bij mijn blog past :) Daarvoor had ik namelijk precies hetzelfde probleem, want mijn blognaam paste niet meer bij de onderwerpen. Ik geloof dat het meer dan een jaar heeft geduurd voordat ik eindelijk een leuke, nieuwe naam verzonnen had!
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