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On my mind: Some changes on the blog

Isomehow always manage not to be able to say what I planned to say in certain posts. For example today: I wanted to give you an update on my blog thoughts (that’s still gonna happen though) and one of the items I wanted to discuss, is my blog schedule. I planned to tell you that last week was the start of a new schedule-thing, but I ended up only posting one post, so I kind off messed that up already, good job Alex..

Anyway.. I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately, since I wasn’t sure about a couple of things and I wanted to sort everything out. First of all, I made some minor changes in the design of my blog. I created a new header (let me know what you think of it!), I made a minor change in the single post lay-out and  I’ve changed the homepage lay-out. It feels a lot better now and I’m more happy when opening my blog, so these changes were definitely two good ones..

Also, I no longer call my blog a ‘personal fashion, lifestyle & photography blog’ anymore. I just feel like I’m giving myself too many obligations by categorising my blog this specific.  I recently updated my portfolio website and I came to this description: “A Couple is an online expression of me where I show the things going in my life and where I can express myself in a creative way in the fields of photography, fashion, travel and other subjects”. Therefore my blog will just be a lifestyle blog from now on, since I feel like that is the proper description. Not that this really matters for you, but I just wanted to share it anyway.

As mentioned before, am I trying to blog following some sort of schedule. Not because I think that I should always post on these days -sometimes I just don’t have time/energy/etc.-, but it feels like a proper grip on what I want to do. I will try to publish a new post each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday/Friday from now on, and well, let’s start today!

Do you have any types of post you would love to see on A Couple? Please let me know!! :)

xx Alex



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