New in: Perfect pink Reebok sneakers

I think we can all agree on the fact that pink is one of the latest hot fashion colors, especially soft pink. A while ago, I spotted the soft pink Adidas Gazelle sneakers and I just knew I needed them. I finally found them in a ‘real’ store last weekend, so I could try them on. Big bummer, cause my feet and the shoes ended up not being a great combination, but at the same time I also concluded that I still wanted a pair of pink sneakers.

I spotted these pink Reebok sneakers at the next sneakers tore and I really liked them. And well these sneakers appeared to be perfect for me! They are super comfy (they really feel like home slippers) and I love the pink-ish color. And well, they also were a bit less expensive than the Adidas sneakers, so I ended up buying two pairs of shoes, since I also -finally!- bought a pair of black All Stars, a musthave shoe too. I’ve already worn my new sneakers during another shopping spree and they were just perfect for this, my feet didn’t hurt at all and walking on them was really nice.

So.. if you might be looking for a pair of pink(-ish) sneakers, I would definitely recommend you to check these ones out! They’re called the Reebok Club 85 Pastels sneakers in desert stone/paperwhite, I bought them at the store Snipes and you can find them here.

What do you think of my new sneakers? Do you own a pair of pink sneakers?

xx Alex

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  1. Dat zijn echt leuke schoenen! Mooi kleurtje ook :) Ik zoek ook al een tijdje nieuwe schoenen. Ik heb laatst wel Clarks gepast die ik wilde, maar die zaten toch niet helemaal fijn (ik dacht zelfs dat de verkoopster me 2 verschillende maten had gegeven, haha!) En verder heb ik nog geen leuke schoenen kunnen vinden, helaas!

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