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My cactus photo printed on wood

I‘m a sucker for photography, nice photos and printing photos I made, as you probably already found out if you’ve been following me for a while. Recently, I got the chance to print one of my photos on wood at Fotofabriek.nl. I had already been looking for a print on wood for a while, so I really liked it that I got the chance to test a print.

The wood of this product is called ‘Berkenplex’ and I chose a whitewash, so the print would be fresher and clean. I first wanted a wood type with a couple of planks next to each other with gaps in between, but Fotofabriek told me that my photo would look beter without gaps. I decided to go for a nice photo of a cactus I made about 2 years ago during a Canon event in Amsterdam. I really like the photo, so I love that it can now be part of our interior!

The print got delivered within a couple of days, which is pretty fast for a photo print. Or well, I didn’t have this quick production and shipping experience before, so I got really surprised (in a positive way) when I received the shipping notification after a couple of days. The only downside I experienced with the shipping is the packing material. I expect protecting packing when ordering a photo print, but this one was only packed in see-through plastic, so you could see the print and it could be damaged easily. I personally think that photo printing is something private, so I feel like the packaging should not be see through and since it’s a photo, I think the packaging should be more protective.

Other than that, I really like the print. The colors are how they should be, the wooden background gives the photo a nice look and it looks really nice in our living room. My photo print on wood is 30x40cm, but many more sizes are available right here.

What do you think of this photo print on wood? Did you ever print a photo on wood?

xx Alex

the print in this post was given to me as part
of a collaboration with Fotofabriek.nl

Review overview

Delivery time9
Look & Feel8.5


7.5I really like the fresh and clean look of the photo print, though I expected a bit more 'rough'ness because of the wood. The print got delivered within a couple of days, which I found really quick. The packaging of the print -only some see through plastic- was definitely a big downside to me.


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