My new Ankle Boots


[nederlands] Okay, I’m going to tell you a secret: I got 50+ pairs of shoes. It’s actually not that much of a secret, but I think many people don’t know this, since I use to wear a few pairs of shoes most often. Anyway, recently my parents decided to buy a new shoe closed (read: 2,5 x 2m of shoe heaven) and a part of it is mine. I think they’re really trying to keep me at home… ;)  And well, this is just another excuse for me to say that it’s not a big deal to buy new shoes, haha! So, when DefShop asked me to pick an item from their website, I found a cool pair of ankle boots and I received them last week. And they are prettyyy!

“DefShop is one of the biggest Online Shop for Hip Hop clothing in Europe. Here, You can also find a hip assortment of Streetwear, Skate- and Fashion highlights. DefShop. Got Skillz. Got Styles.”DefShop

DefShop says that it displays the perfect combination between lifestyle and music. “Hip Hop is not just a trend, it is a lifetime attitude.” The webshop expresses this style with the brands it sells and the items for sale. I have to admit that I was not aware of the hiphop branding of the webshop untill I searched more about it for you guys, so that’s probably also a sort of funny thing. Why? Well, I didn’t really notice that all items had a link with the hiphop style. Or wel, now that I know about it, I can kind off relate the combination of brands a bit better. Anyway, DefShop has a super broad line of brands and items and I really had a hard time when picking my favorite item! All of a sudden I spotted these ankle boots and I knew I needed them right away…


For me, ankle boots are a perfect way to dress op comfy, warm and yet stylish during the Autumn and Winter seasons, mainly since you can combine them in many ways. Also: many styles are available, so I actually think that everyone should be able to find a nice pair which suits her style. I already owned a few heeled pairs of ankle boots -all in different styles- and two pairs without heels; Chelsea boots and easy comfy boots. The ankle boots I picked at DefShop are different: they’re more ‘edgy’ and loose, since they have a lot of gold-shaded details and zippers.

The brand of the boots is Pieces, a brand which sells accessoires, jewellery, basic clothing items, bags and shoes. The shoes got delivered to me within a few days and this should be similar to ‘regular’ orders. They came in a big DefShop box with the Pieces shoebox inside and were wrapped very carefully. And well, I think they’re pretty cool! The ankle boots feel very strong and the golden details are not something like ‘too much’. They just really finish the look and feel of the shoe. They also fit perfectly and walk very nice, so I’m a big fan of my new booties! And well, this can be a nice thing for you: they only cost €49,99, which is -in my opinion- a reasonable price for a good pair of ankle boots, don’t you think?

What do you think of my new ankle boots?

xx Alex



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