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Hi there,

Just a little update today, since I wanted to let you know that you can now shop my wardrobe! You might have heard about United Wardrobe, if not, let me explain it to you quickly. United Wardrobe is an online marketplace on which people can buy & sell fashion items. Many bloggers were already active on the website, selling their cool (designer) items and I decided to check the website too, sicne I wanted to sell some clothing items, but not on the ‘regular’ marketplace sites..

So, right now you can find a lot of items in my virtual closet for little prices. Most items are only worn a couple of times and could be considered as new, since I’m always really careful with my items. All prices on the website are including shipping costs (3 – 7 euros), so both the seller & buyer won’t get extra costs, since the seller can calculate a price including the shipping costs and the buyer doesn’t have to pay more money afterwards.

You can find my little shop by clicking this link, more items will be added soon!

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Also, I have a little question for you: I’m considering to start making YouTube video’s again, video’s like shoplogs, fashion item highlights ( (new) designer items, fashion favorites etc.) and maybe some vlogs when having a fun day. Would you like watching them? And would you prefer them in English or Dutch?

Please let me know in a comment, thank you! :)





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