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Some New Stuff

Maybe you remember my post about conscious shopping, which I wrote last year. I decided to shop less and to only buy the things I actually needed or that could last for  while. Well, I have to say that I really succeeded on that plan. I can spend a entire afternoon shopping now without buying anything or only one piece. I only buy things that I really like and I’ve also been cleaning my wardrobe a lot, which helps me in making it more ‘perfect’ for me.

Anyway, I still do some shopping now and then and I recently bought some nice new stuff, some pieces were bought while outlet shopping, others were bought online (some on sale ^^) and I wanted to show you some of the items. I found out that the stairs in our living room were a perfect shooting location, so I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with the photos too.. Get ready for a nice shoplog!

Furla Julia Bag

Let me start with this sparkling bag. I had already been looking at silver/shiny bags for a while when I spotted this silver Furla Julia bag in the designer outlet in Roermond. I decided to enter the store and to ‘try it on’ and well, I just immediately knew that this bag belonged to me. I mean; this bag is the ultimate party bag, which can be styled in many ways and will brighten up every party outfit.

I already wore it at a Christmas party and I took it with me during Christmas, so I can tell you that this bag was worth every euro I spent on it. Unfortunately I can only tell you that it is (or was?) for sale in the designer outlet in Roermond, I don’t know whether you can buy it at other stores or not..

Komono Winston Monte Carlo Lizard Watch*

I recently got the chance to shop online at, since I received some shopping money. I spent some time going through all sections on the website, added a lot of items to my shopping bag, but couldn’t decide on what to buy. Until I spotted the Komono watches. I had already seen these watches in a store in Antwerp and on Instagram and I already liked them back then.

When I spotted this watch -it’s on sale for € 69,00 now!-, I immediately wanted to order it. I really like it that the wrist band and the dial are both black and the golden details just finish the watch and make it even more classy. I usually don’t really like gold on watches, but for some reason I really like it in this particular case!

Calvin Klein & Hilfiger Underwear • Cheap Monday Choker Necklace

Ever since I bought my first pair of Calvin Klein underwear about a year ago, I fell in love with it. The fabrics are soft, the pieces last long and they just fit perfectly. And well, I’m kind of thinking the same about Tommy Hilfiger underwear since I bought one piece a couple of months ago. Whenever a nice item of one of the brands is on sale, I feel like I have to buy it. So that’s why I added a couple of new items to my wardrobe lately (ok, Santa helped me too ^^).

I spent the last weeks of December looking for a nice Christmas look and I bought some nice new jewellery. I ended up with no new items for Christmas, since everything was just not good enough or didn’t fit me. However, this cool star choker necklace of Cheap Monday (via Asos) was the only piece that could stay and I’ve worn it a lot already.. You can find the necklace here for only €13,33.

Fashionology & Karma* earrings

Since I got my second earrings in both ears I have been buying good (100% silver) minimalistic earrings. Fashionology became one of my favorite stores for it, since they sell really pretty, minimal earrings in silver. The ones above are my most recent additions and I wear them a lot. I also ordered a pair of silver earrings at Brandfield during my shopping session. I chose the black sticks from Karma, which are really pretty and minimal too. I first doubted to pick some Buddha to Buddha jewellery pieces, which are pretty nice too, but I ended up with these earrings, since I also chose the watch.

Bershka sweater

Last but not least I bought this sweater a while back during a shopping spree in Amsterdam with Rowan. I spotted it at Bershka and at first I didn’t want to buy it, since I thought I already owned enough sweaters. However, the fabric of this one is very soft and I like the minimalistic look of it, so I just had to try it on and well, I fell in love. I have already worn it many times since I bought it and many people say they like it too, so I’m very happy with it.. :)

What do you think of my recent buys? Do you have a favorite piece?

xx Alex

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items marked with an * were gifted to me by as part of a collaboration


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