Summer / Pre-Fall Shopping pt. II

Hi there!

After my previous shoplog I managed to buy even more nice items for Summer -though we didn’t have really sunny weather- and some items that are more suitable for Fall. And well, I’d just love to show them to you, and don’t forget to read all along, since I also got a nice giveaway for you guys!


First of all I got myself three new pairs of shoes during the last couple of months/weeks. First of all, Sacha shoes let me pick a pair of Summer shoes and I decided to pick a pair of silver loafers, which you could already see in this outfit post. Next to that, I received those cool Toms sandals. I had been looking for this type of sandals for quite some time when all of a sudden I received those beauties. They fit perfectly and walk really nice, so I’m happy I finally got the sandals I was looking for!

Last but not least I got the shoes of my dreams: Chanel sneakers. Chanel sneakers have been on my mind and wishlist for years, but I never bought/found them. I actually planned to buy a pair of Chanel sneakers recently, but they ran out in my size, so I bought the bag haha! Anyway, those sneakers are from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection and were bought at Designer Vintage, I’d definitely like to recommend you to check this website when looking for nice designer goodies for a better price!

You can find the items here:


I also got myself some new jewelery pieces. First of all I received a nice engraved infinity necklace of Names4Ever, you can read more about it in this post. Next to that, I was lucky enough to win a cool Casio watch on Emma her blog, I received it two weeks ago and I really like it, thanks again Emma! Also, I finally found myself some bigger, but still minimal silver earrings. I went shopping in Amsterdam and bought two pairs of earrings (bottom and top) at & Other Stories, a store at which I usually find myself some nice pairs of earrings and I found myself cool rings with triangles at My Jewellery. The nice thing about these earrings is that they don’t have the regular ring closure, which I really can’t handle, so I’m really happy about finding those ones, especially the ones from My Jewellery, since I had been looking for earrings like those for quite some time.

You can find the items here:


And of course I also bought some clothing items, though it isn’t that much, I’m pretty satisfied with my wardrobe at the moment. I found the cute t-shirt at H&M and just had to buy it along with the black dress, which is perfect to wear at work! Next to that, I’ve been into blouses a lot lately, especially the ones like the one I bought and I was really happy to find this piece at H&M! And well, last but not least and completely out of my comfort zone, I bought an awesome pair of red pants at Bershka, I just really like them, but I think I still have to get used to them too, haha!

You can find these items here:

Along all of this, I also got a ‘new’ phone! I got the chance to pick a nice new phonecase for it, but since my phone its color is red, I decided not to use a phonecase right now. But: I still got a nice giveaway for you! Just follow me and Hoesjes Outlet on Instagram (here & here) and you might become the winner of €35 shopping money at Hoesjes Outlet, a super nice phone accessoire store with phonecases, for example iPhone 7 cases, and powerbanks. Please let me know if you want to join in a comment!

What do you think of my new items?


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