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Summer Shoplog

My previous shoplog with items for Spring & Summer feels like ages ago -though it’s not that long ago- and I’ve managed to add even more nice stuff to my wardrobe. I’ve bought and received some super nice items for this Summer season recently and I thought it would be nice to share them with you, especially since most of the items are still for sale and on sale ^^

Summer shoes

Sacha gave me the chance to choose a nice pair of Summer/festival shoes and I ended up buying these lovely espadrilles. I think espadrilles are perfect during summer and the patches on these ones just make them funny and a bit more ‘alive’. Next to that, I had a nice shopping day a couple of weeks ago (I actually think it’s about 2 months ago..) and I went to a sneaker store to try on the pink shoes I had been loving for already a while. They appeared not to be the shoes for me, but I found these pink-ish Reebok ones and I’ve been in love with them ever since. They’re comfy and the color is just great! And well, for some reason I finally decided to buy a pair of black Converse All Star sneakers, a must have in your wardrobe!

Pull & Bear and some other stuff

Pull & Bear has become one of my favorite brands and stores, because they’re can be play-ish yet chic and I just love the fabrics and styles. I recently ordered online at Pull & Bear a acouple of times and I went shopping in Alkmaar with my mom. At Pull & Bear I bought a cute blouse, lovely top with lace, a cute shirt with mermaid print and a comfy and super soft knit (not really a Summer item, but on sale so I couldn’t resist..). I also bought some new pants; I finally found a nice pair of denim shorts that fits well. I found it at America Today, you can find a similar one with cool embroidery here! Next to that, I bought a pair of black shorts at H&M, which can be worn really casual but also kind of Summer chic, because of its model and fabric. I also bought a super nice pair of loose striped pants at Only, I just love it and you guys on Instagram too.. Last but not least I received a lovely sweater of 10 Days and I bought a cute striped shirt at the H&M online sale, the fabric is really nice and it’s a perfect shirt at the office during Summer! :)

Tops & Jewelry

After having it on my mind for quite some time, I finally decided to buy myself a nice Levi’s t-shirt. Too bad that everyone is wearing similar shirts right now, haha! (though I haven’t spotted my specific shirt on the streets yet). I also finally found myself a nice bomber jacket that doesn’t make me look like a bodybuilder, which usually happens. Next to all clothing items, I also got myself some lovely new jewelry items lately. I bought some cute necklaces at H&M and Pull & Bear and received some cute necklaces and bracelets from OhSoHip and Sacha. Aaaand Roy gifted me a gorgeous Tiffany & Co necklace for my birthday, I love it, it’s just so gorgeous <3

Dresses & Chanel

Finally: I found two nice Summer dresses at Primark and The Sting. I had been looking for nice Summer/beach dresses for already quite some time, but I never managed to find the perfect ones. Now I finally have these two, yay! And well, last but definitely not least I bought myself a gorgeous bag. I had already been on my wishlist quite some time and I decided to buy one as a birthday gift to myself: a Chanel WOC bag. I’m just in love with it, a separate post about this beauty will be online soon!

What do you think of my recent Summer purchases?

xx Alex


  1. De streepjesbroek en espadrilles zijn super leuk, en die CHANEL tas <3 Ooit trakteer ik mezelf ook nog eens op zo'n mooie tas. En wat lief dat je vriend je een Tifaany&Co kettinkje gaf.

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