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✨Thank you 2016 ✨

It’s the end of the year, which means that all sentimental posts are coming now. A lot of things have happened in 2016 and I can say that this year has changed a lot for me. Therefore, I decided to write a little thank you letter to 2016.

“Dear 2016,

You were a year with a lot of happenings. Not only for me in person, but also for the entire world. A year with a lot of war, hate, discussions and terrorism and a year filled with weird news, the Brexit and the USA elections The world has lost many people, including a bunch of people who were innocent, killed by hate and war. But the world has also welcomed many new people, people with an entire life in front of them, ready to face the world. And many great things happened, like the Olympics, which bring together entire nations and show us how great our sportsmen are.

You were a year in which a lot of things happened to me. Good things. Great things, to be honest. And well, there might have been some negative things, but I don’t really remember them, so they weren’t that negative and bad and all good things made them less important.

In 2016 I fell in love. And it wasn’t just a ‘fling’. No, it’s some serious sht. I met Roy, dated a lot and became his girlfriend. Which also meant that he became my very first boyfriend. And I could not imagine having anyone else as my first boyfriend-not that I plan to get a new one-, since we’re having a great time together and we really love each other. And well, that love resulted in another big thing in 2016. We moved out of our parental houses and are living together in our own house now. Our very own house, which is our new home and our favorite place to be.

I also travelled a lot in 2016. I got the chance to visit Curaçao, Paris, Milan, Antwerp, Disneyland Paris, Düsseldorf, Roermond and London this year and I feel extremely lucky and blessed for the fact that I am able to travel a lot. I have seen many new things of this world and I got to enjoy these trips together with nice people, so I could create great memories. Which is also made possible by my job, since that’s how I ‘get’ my money, especially since they offered me a contract for an indefinite period.

So yeah, I think it’s save to say that you, 2016, have been great to me. I got the chance to develop myself, to discover things, to get to know love and to live my life with no limits. And I am grateful for that. Grateful for having amazing people around me -and even more since I know Roy-, grateful for having a nice full time job, grateful for the ability to make photos and to write on this blog and grateful for everything else I can do in my life.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this awesome year, I hope your year has been great too. I hope you were able to life your life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment of it.

Thank you 2016, for giving me amazing opportunities and wonderful memories.

xx Alex”

Did you have a nice 2016?




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