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My tips for making (better) outfit photos

After publishing outfit photos on this blog for 4 years now, I can really say that my outfit style and outfit photography have evolved and that I’ve been able to develop myself in this field. I have received some questions about my outfit photos and if I have any tips regarding them lately, so I decided to create a post about it for you. Not that I am a professional fashion/outfit blogger, but I still think I can give some useful tips. I decided to divide this post into two sections: tips for the photographer (if it ain’t a professional one) and tips for the blogger.

Tips for the photographer (if it ain’t a professional)

Use a big diafragm

An important -and often mentioned- element of outfit photos is the background in your photos. Bloggers often want photos with the well known blurry background, which can be created when using a big diafragm on your (system or DLSR) camera. Let’s explain diafragm quickly: easily said, the diafragm is the opening of your lens. The goal of the diafragm is letting the right amount of light through for a well lighted photo. You can ensure the exact right amount of light going through the lens if you vary the size in the opening. Next to that, the diafragm is also an important element regarding the dept of field, which is the area of the photo from back to front that is being displayed on the photo.

When making outfit photos, you often want the background to be a bit blurry, so you and the outfit really stand out on the photo. You can reach this when using a big diafragm, which means that you need to set up a lower number. Don’t pick the lowest one, since your lens won’t be as sharp as it could be at that point. Each lens has other diafragm ranges, so it still depends on the lens, the distance between the blogger & background and the distance between the photographer & blogger. Looking for a low budget, but really nice lens for outfit photos? Check out this 50mm one! Oh, and don’t forget to focus on the right point, otherwise the important area’s won’t be sharp ;)

Choose a different angle

This tip might sound like it makes sense and cliché, but I still think many people are not aware of the fact that the angle in which the photo is taken, is really important. The angle in which the photo is taken, is a personal thing, everyone has another style in it and not everyone likes all angles. However, I would like to suggest these two angles for certain shots:

  • Shot from below or at belly button high for full body shots (this will make you look as tall as you are or even tallerfull body shots taken from above will usually make you look shorter).
  • Shot from above for detail photos or sitting photos (this just creates a nice picture).

However, as mentioned, the style of photographing outfits -including the angles- still depends on the blogger and photographer. You should find out what works well with a specific look and with the body of the blogger, to create a photo taken from the right angle.

Tips for the blogger

A Couple blog - Outfit photo tips
Pull & Bear jacket | Chanel bag | Levi’s t-shirt | Monki jeans
Do some posing research

Sounds a bit obvious too, but I find this one really importent. Most girls I follow on Instagram are bloggers or stylish girls and I can get really inspired by their photos (check this and this post to see what girls I’m talking about). I like to discover poses and angles, but I also like going through my own outfit photos to see what poses look nice for me. Pinterest is also a great place to get inspired in poses, since many outfit photos can be found.

You should also take in mind that your pose should match the environment. Look around and see what objects are near you and try to strike a pose that emphasizes both your outfit and the environment in the best way. Some poses that will usually work out:

  • Walking (don’t walk fast! just a couple of slow steps)
  • One leg in front of the other one (hello long legs!)
  • Twirling around (this will create a fun look)
  • Sitting (this might display your outfit in another way :))
Know your body

View outfit photos you took before and find out what poses suit you and your body. Be aware of your body and know how it moves, but also know what doesn’t work with your body and what doesn’t look that great for you. Posing will be so much easier if you know your body and if you know what works. However, avoid posing the same way all the time, it might become a bit boring ;)

You could also practice in front of a mirror if you really want to see what works and what doesn’t work. This might be a bit awkward, but you’ll become way more aware of your body, so you’ll be more comfortable posing and standing in front of a camera!

I definitely don’t want to call myself an outfit photo professional, but I hope this post could at least help you! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Do you have additional tips for making outfit photos? Share them in a comment, I (and probably other girls too) would love to know them! :)

xx Alex

ps. it’ll be a bit quiet on the blog during the upcoming 2 weeks, check my Instagram for more info!







  1. Oh, handig dit! Ik kom er dus achter dat ik zo goed als altijd gewoon op ooghoogte fotografeer ipv me een beetje te bukken. Of voor de detailfoto’s, van bovenaf, slim! ((: Nooit opgemerkt dat zulke foto’s van bovnaf werden genomen. Nu snap ik hoe het komt dat mijn foto’s er nooit zo wauw uitzien, oeps. ((: (En poses zijn een ramp, vooral als je op het moment zelf snel wat wilt verzinnen.)

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