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Three Days in London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

The last time I visited London was during New Years Eve in 2013-2014. It was actually the trip on which I bought my Chanel bag and the trip that started my love for designer bags.. Anyway, two weeks ago, Roy and I visited London for three days. We left on Thursday and we flew back home on New Year Eve. Thanks to the foggy weather, we finally arrived at our NYE destination at 22:30h PM, so our NYE ended up being short, haha!

Back to London. The big big sale started aΒ couple of days before we visited the city, so we thought we could do some nice shopping. Well, we hadn’t realised that many other people came up with the same idea, so all shopping area’s -mainly Oxford street and the area around (and in) Harrods- were over crowded. It even made us decided to leave these area’s pretty quick, which resulted in 0 purchases. Yes, I’m still shocked about it too.

We spent all days in the city, moving by metro and seeing nice spots. Unfortunately we weren’t able to have a ride in the London Eye, since it was foggy and busy and we would have to hurry to the airport if we got in it on our last day. However, we saw the Change of the Guards which was pretty nice (though I don’t have to see it again haha), visited the Westminster Abbey & Big Ben area, walked around the Tower of London and crossed the Tower Bridge in the air.

I made some photos with my iPhone 6s, you can also find an outfit post with photos made in London here. The trip was nice, but we really want to go back to London when the weather is a bit better and the city isn’t that busy, since we feel like we could have done and seen more if we had less people around us.Β But at least my British accent came back, haha! :)Β Do you know which month is the best month to visit London?Β 

Have you ever been to London? Do you like the city?

xx Alex

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention something super nice! I got the celiac disease as you might know, which means that I’m allergic to gluten. During our trip to London, I found out that this city is heaven on earth for people who can’t eat gluten! The menu’s are super clear and all staff members are aware of it, so it’s no problem to find out whether you can eat something or not. I even ate paste for lunch for three(!) days in a row!


  1. Ohhh Londen is zo heerlijk hè! Ik genoot er ook enorm twee weken geleden, toen was het niet zo druk in de parken en zo maar wel in Oxford en Regent Street (wanneer niet?). En de wisseling van de wacht, zo cool, die mis ik altijd! Ben daar echt mega benieuwd naar. En superheerlijk, drie dagen pasta eten! Malou x

    1. Jaa, heerlijke stad! En het is ook een best verwarrend schema, want normaal is het op even dagen, maar eind december was het opeens op oneven dagen, dus iedereen stond daar de 30e klaar, maar er kwam niets, hahaha ;)

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