5 Easy Tips How to Make Good Friends in College

Being a college student is not easy at all. You have to adapt well with college life and meet a lot of new people. Once you step on your college life, please make sure you socialize well and meet some new friends. It’s very important because friends in college will make your life become more joyful.

Making Friends

For some people, it’s not easy to make friends in a new place. Moving from high school into a college definitely will give you a big challenge. One of those challenges is making new friends. Here are 5 tips you can try while making new friends in your new campus:

1. Walk Around

It will be very good if you walk around the campus or your dorm. This is a new place for you so you have to recognize it so you can adapt well with the people around there. While you’re walking around the campus or dorm, you will meet some new people. Say hello to them and start talking. It will be good if you find someone who really matches you.

2. Just be Yourself

Never being anyone else! Introduce yourself as the real one. Be yourself and let people know if they like you as their friend or not. It’s better than you making a lot of friends because you’re fake. You can only find a real friend when you’re being yourself in front of them. Be confident as yourself and find a circle that is suitable for your character.

3. Join a Community

You can join a community in college. There are many communities you can find in college. Pick one that is suitable for your interest and make a lot of friends from that community. This is the best way for you to meet a lot of new people so you can make many good friends in college. Joining a community also helps you to develop your communication skill and your confidence.

4. Study Together

If you want to have some good friends, let’s make a group. You can make a study group and spend time together with them. Ask people in your class to join the study group. It’s a good start for you to make a lot of friends. Also, it will help you a lot in your studies. Studying together with friends will give you an easy way to grasp the subject.

5. Start a Conversation

You can always start a conversation with other people. Just start talking about something interesting. You’ll find the right friend when you are talking about something and that people are interested in it. By talking with other people, you’ll know if those people will be good friends or not. Don’t be shy to start a conversation and be yourself.


It will be very fun to meet some new friends in college. You’ll find a lot of new friends with different characters. It will give you a new point of view about friendship and you can share your experience with them. Some good friends will help you to go through college easier and happier.




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