5 Online Interview Tips for College Admission

Most campuses around the world now allow prospective students to take part in the online selection. Not only when collecting the required documents but also during the interview stage. Online interview is a big challenge for students because this stage will bring them to meet the admission officers from campus. But, If you prepare for it well, you will pass it easily.

Important Things to Do

If you have to undergo an online interview, then make sure that you prepare yourself as best as you can. This interview stage will contribute a fairly large score and increase your chances of being accepted. Don’t let you lose the chance to be accepted just because you are not ready enough for the interview. So, here are 5 tips that you can apply when undergoing an online interview for college admission:

1. Prepare Your Equipment

The first step is to prepare equipment for the interview. If your equipment is complete, it will be easier to pass this interview. Please prepare a laptop or computer and make sure you have the right software to facilitate the remote interview process. Furthermore, you can provide an external microphone to clarify your voice during the interview.

2. Check Your Internet

It’s very important to check your internet connection before you start the interview. This interview will take place online, so your internet connection will play a big role in this process. Please use a stable internet service so you can go through the interview smoothly without any disruptions. Never let the interview process be interrupted because of a lack of internet connection.

3. Use a Proper Outfit

The next step that you can do when undergoing an online interview is to wear the right clothes. Even though it’s done through the internet, you still have to look attractive. Make sure you choose neat clothes and let yourself look more mature. If there are special rules about the dress code, please follow the rules and use those clothes.

4. Choose a Quiet Place

It is highly recommended to choose a quiet place during this long distance interview. If you do the interview in a quiet place, you can focus on the question and your answer. Also, it will be better for the admission officer. They can clearly hear your voice when answering all of the questions. So, please prepare the right place and make sure that it’s quiet enough.

5. Be Yourself

When you’re in an interview, please be yourself. Show them your true self and answer the question with an excellent sentence. Think about how you speak but don’t spend a lot of time thinking. Once you’ve ready, start to speak and answer their questions with your confidence. Make sure they see your power and your enthusiasm so your chance will be getting bigger.


Online interview is not easy to pass. You can handle it only if you prepare for it well. Set yourself ready for the interview by practicing speaking with friends or in front of the mirror. Stay calm and don’t let the admission officer know that you’re nervous.




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