5 Popular College Application Mistakes that You Should Know

Applying for a college can be a difficult thing to do. It can be an overwhelming process and make you want to give up. As a fresh graduate from high school, you will find out that college life is totally not easy. Start from the admission process that is really challenging. Here we will discuss popular college application mistakes that you should avoid.

Popular Mistakes when Applying for College

If you want to be accepted by your dream campus, it’s really important to be focused on applying. There will be some requirements and documents you should submit for the admission. Please avoid these kind of popular application mistakes when you apply for a college:

1. Missing Deadlines

This is the worst mistake you have to avoid! Missing the application deadline is really bad for you because you will miss the chance to be accepted as a student on that campus. You are responsible to remember the specific deadline for the admission. Write down the deadline and set the alarm right before the deadline. It will help you not miss the deadline anymore.

2. Missing the Details

Before you apply for a college, please read the requirements carefully. Read the details and make sure you understand it well. Make a checklist so you will never miss the details. Complete all of the requirements without missing anything. The checklist will help you to find out which ones have been completed and which ones have not. Use this checklist as your guidance in applying for college.

3. Lack of Effort

If you don’t put a big effort in college admission, then you don’t deserve to be accepted by the college. Remember that the competition is very tight. There are thousands of students who want to have the same position as yours. So please be ready and put a big effort on it. You have to be focused and do your best. A big effort will give you the best result you want.

4. Dishonest

The next mistake in college application is you choose to be dishonest. You’re trying to be other people. You’re not showing who the real you but trying to increase your qualification with fake information. This is a big mistake that should be avoided if you want to have a chance in college. Please be yourself and be honest through your resume.

5. Avoiding Optional Essay

Sometimes, essays are not a mandatory requirement from a college. It’s usually just an option but it will be better if you submit it. Avoiding an optional essay could be the wrong decision because it will decrease your score. Meanwhile, students who submit an admission essay will get a higher score and they have a bigger chance to be accepted.


Put your big effort when applying for a college and avoid those 5 popular application mistakes. When you try in the best way, you will have a bigger chance. Stay on your track and be focused. Before you submit all of the requirements, please do some recheck. Make sure that all of the requirements have been completed and ready to submit.




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