5 Smart Ways to Develop Communication Skill for College Student

Communicating seems so easy but it’s totally not. Communicating has become the most challenging thing for some people. But you need to know that communicating is a basic requirement for socializing in any social environment. Especially when you’re in college. Communication skill is very important when you become a college student so please prepare for it carefully.

Develop Skill of Communicating

College life will bring you to the first glimpse of the practical world. You will find some conferences, workshops, interviews, and many more. That’s why you need to develop your skill at communicating. Here are 5 smart ways to develop your communication skill as a college student:

1. Be Confident

When you want to develop your speaking skill, please be confident. Once you feel confident with yourself, it will become easier to speak. Communicating is not a hard thing when you know what you are talking about and confident with yourself. Just be proud of yourself so people will be excited about what you’re talking about.

But how to grow the confidence inside yourself? Some people can’t be confident that easily. First of all, you need to have the courage to talk with new people. In college, let yourself make some new friends. Meeting new people is a perfect way to change yourself. It will help you to be confident in a good way.

2. Start from a Small Team

Let’s talk with your small team. If you’re not confident enough to talk with a lot of people, just start with a few people. Ask your friends to make a team so all of you can learn together. Make a turn to speak first and you can evaluate each other so your speaking skill will grow well. This could be a perfect solution to develop your skill slowly but effectively.

3. Use Your Social Media

Why do you need to use your social media? Nowadays, people on social media become more confident and have a great ability in speaking. They usually speak while updating their activity through social media. You can also develop your speaking skill with this platform. Upload yourself speaking in an Instagram story or other social media so you will become more confident.

4. Focus on Your Gestures

Gesture is one of the main aspects of communication. You need to learn how to focus on your gestures while speaking. Express yourself by the right gestures. Your gestures will give a good impression of yourself. You can watch many videos from YouTube about gestures while communicating in public.

5. Always Practice

Setting yourself to always practice everyday. It will never work if you don’t practice regularly. Just try to communicate in public everyday. You can practice everywhere, especially in your own room. Just stand up in front of the mirror and start speaking. Also, you can try to meet other people everyday and communicate with them.


Communication skills are very important for you as a college student. It’s a good skill for you to have, especially when you’re in a professional field. So please learn from now how to communicate well and build your own confidence.




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