5 Types of Part-Time Job for College Students

In college, you always have an option to work as a part-timer. This is a good choice for you to get an exciting experience and of course, a lot of money. Students usually get their money from parents or sponsorship. It will be better if you can add up your income by working at a part-time job. Let’s find out what types of job you can do as a part-timer.

Job for Student

Work during your college life will give you an interesting experience. Also, you can save more money for your future because you have your own income. Here are 5 types of job that suitable for college student:

1. Barista

It’s not difficult to find a coffee shop that opens up for student college. They usually give a chance for students to be a barista. If there are coffee shops around your campus, just go there and ask for that job. But you need to be prepared for very early or late shifts as a barista. This job is a nice choice for students who love coffee and are interested in this field.

2. Restaurant Staff

You can work as a restaurant staff. There are many restaurants that open up for part-timers. If you have a good skill at cooking, you can be an assistant for the chef. Also, you can work as a waiter in a restaurant. Just ask for a job that is suitable for you and make sure that the restaurant knows you as a college student.

3. Cashier

Next type of part-time job for college students is cashier. This job is really suitable for students because it’s not really hard but requires high accuracy. It will be a perfect job if you’re an accountancy student. You can learn how to manage money, serve the consumer, and arrange financial accounting of a business.

4. Academic Tutor

If you’re excellent enough in a specific major, you can work as an academic tutor in that major. This job will give you many advantages. As a student, you can study and work at the same time. You can work as an independent tutor or join a tutoring agency.

5. Tour Guide

For an outgoing and friendly person, tour guide will be a nice job. This job is very fun because you can go to many beautiful places as a guide. Also, this job will give you many good experiences. You will meet many people from different places. Students from the tourism department usually recommend this job. It’s not an ordinary job to collect money but also give you better communication skills.

6. Freelancer

College students can add up their income by working as a freelancer. There are many types of freelance jobs you can do. If you’re good enough at writing, you can work as a freelance writer and if you have a skill in designing art then you can work as a graphic designer.


There are many types of part-time job for college students. Choose a job not only based on the money but also thinking about the experience. Pick one job that will increase your ability, skill, and of course make you happier.





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