5 Ways to Apply for College as an International Student

Are you interested in studying abroad? The challenge of being an international student is much tougher than studying in your hometown. The challenge starts with the process of registering in a foreign campus. Of course, it takes more thoroughness and effort so that you can be accepted as a student at a foreign campus. But don’t worry, you will always have a chance as long as you always try.

Apply for Study Abroad

If you really want to study abroad then you have to start understanding how to register. Basically, the selection and registration process for campuses around the world is the same. But there are still some things that are different and make you have to try harder. Here are 5 ways to apply to study abroad:

1. Find Your Campus

First thing you have to do is find a dream campus. There are lots of campus locations in various countries around the world. You can choose one of them and make sure that your choice is good enough. Please pick a campus that is located in your dream country. Also, you have to choose a campus that offers the major you want. After finding the campus, it will be easier to prepare yourself for the admission.

2. Understand the Requirements

Next, please understand the requirements needed to apply to the campus. Write down what documents are needed, the qualification requirements, as well as what stages of the test that must be passed. All of this is very important to know and write it in your checklist. It will be easier for you to fulfill all of the requirements.

3. Get a Letter of Recommendation

When you apply for a college as an international student, you usually need a letter of recommendation. This document is quite important and will affect your chance to be accepted in a college. You can get this letter of recommendation from your teacher, school advisor, or other people who know you well in the academic field. Make sure you get a letter of recommendation from an influential person.

4. Get a Scholarships

Your chances of being accepted to study abroad will be greater if you are listed as a scholarship recipient. Campuses will find it easier to accept students who already received scholarships. In addition to campus hunting, you also have to be diligent in applying for scholarships. It is very good if you can get a scholarship because it will be easier to pay the study cost and the chances of being accepted are greater.

5. Improve Your English Skill

One of the important requirements that must be fulfilled if you want to study abroad is the ability to speak English. Campus usually will provide a minimum TOEFL or IELTS score requirement. You must be able to meet these requirements because this will also affect the fluency when studying.


Registering as an international student will not be easy. But this does not mean it’s impossible as long as you try your best. You should focus on the application process and make sure that you meet the qualifications required by the campus. If you fail, don’t give up and try again at another campus.





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