How to Find the Right Extracurricular Activities that Suitable for You in College

The main task for students in college is study. But college life is not only for study. You need to do some activities for your balancing life in college. You will find many extracurricular activities in college. Pick one activity that will keep you busy and bring happiness for yourself. Make sure that the activity you choose gives you many benefits and increases your resume.

Find a Right Activity in College

In high school, you can find many activities that will support your skill. In college, you can also choose your favorite activity to keep you busy not only for studying. Here are some tips about how to choose the right extracurricular for your college life:

1. Find Out the Options

Before you pick the extracurricular activity, you need to find out what the options are. Ask yourself, do you know what activity your campus offers to you? Every campus offers different activities for their students. So, find out what is available in your campus and get information about each activity. Once you know the options, you can decide which one is the best for yourself.

2. Explore Your Skill

It’s very important to choose an extracurricular activity that is suitable for your skill and passion. You have to choose an activity that gives you happiness and brings you a good impact. That’s why it’s important to explore your skills before joining an extracurricular team. Please make sure this activity will help you to develop yourself and give you a platform to express your skill.

3.  It’s Good to Try a New Activity

Sometimes, it’s a good decision to try a new thing. Explore yourself by trying a new activity. Challenge yourself so you will know what’s your unpredictable skill. But this is a little tricky because trying a new thing sometimes does not go well for yourself. You can try something new but please know your limit. If that activity is out of your capability, just find the new one.

4. Join Their First Meeting

It may be hard to choose when you find many extracurricular activities on your campus. You can join their first meeting to know if that activity is interesting for you or not. From the first meeting, you’ll know if it’s interesting or not. When you find out it’s not interesting enough just leave it. They usually let you join for the first meeting to make a decision.

5. Give a Limit to Yourself

Feel free to choose more than one or two activities. But please know your limit. You need to set a limit for yourself. Don’t put yourself too hard and manage your time wisely. Remember that your main task in college is study. When you know your limit, you’ll never feel overwhelmed with your activity in college.


Extracurricular activities in college will have a big impact in the future. You’ll find your skill develops well because of all of those activities in college. You can deal with all of your tasks and activities in college by planning a schedule. Set a routine in your daily college life so you can enjoy it happily.


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