How to Get Your Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

When you apply for admission to a college, you may be asked to submit a letter of recommendation. It’s a letter that is written by your teacher, counselor, advisor, principal, and other important people in your school. This letter will describe the reasons why that college should accept you as their student. You can increase your chance of being accepted into a college by using this document.

Get a Recommendation

It’s not always easy to get a recommendation. Some people feel nervous about asking for this kind of letter. But you have to face it, especially when this document is listed as the requirement for college admission. Here we will discuss about how to get your recommendation to apply for a college:

1. Choose the Right Person

This document should be written by the right person. The most effective recommendation comes from people who know you well. You can make a list of people who could write a recommendation for you. For a college admission, please consider asking your teacher or counselor. It will be good if the principal can write the recommendation.

2. Give Your Resume

You can give your resume when you ask for the recommendation. It will be good if you submit your resume to your teacher or counselor. Show your best resume to make sure that you’re the right person to accept that letter of recommendation. Let them know about your qualifications so it will be easy to write the recommendation. Please submit the best resume to increase your qualification.

3. Ask in Person

Please ask your teacher or counselor in person. You can send them a formal request, but before you do it please meet the teacher and speak in person. Talk about your study plan and why you need this recommendation. Please be polite and be yourself so the teacher or counselor will write a recommendation with pleasure.

4. Send a Formal Request

After you ask them in person, please send a formal request. Write a request letter for your teacher or counselor. Write it in a formal style and be polite. Give this letter after you’ve confirmed the request before. Send it in an email or you can submit it as a real document. You can also submit a sample or format for the recommendation.

5. Follow Up before Deadline

Let your teacher or counselor know about the due date. It’s very important to follow up your request before the deadline. Meet them one or two weeks before the due date. A polite reminder is used to make sure that you will get the letter on time. It will be good if the recommendation has been finished before you send them a reminder.


A letter of recommendation is very important for your college admission. Please make sure that this letter is written by the right person. Don’t forget to say thank you after you get your recommendation because not all people are willing to write it. Use it wisely and make sure that you’re worth accepting that recommendation.


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