How to Set Career Goals for New Employees

How to Set Career Goals for New Employees – At the time of the interview, there will be questions about the purpose of working during the job interview. There are many answers that you can use, but when you are confused about how to answer, maybe you can use the method below.

The question of the purpose of working at this company is very important for companies so that they can find out what exactly you are looking for in work, especially working in their company. The following will explain how to set career goals for new employees so that they can help you when conducting job interviews.

Career Goals for New Employees

What type of work do you enjoy? What skills have the most “potential” to make you more money? You should be able to answer these questions confidently and clearly. If you can answer it, it will be easier to determine the “target” you want to achieve.

Make a goal that you want to achieve in the next 2-3 years, the next 5 years, and so on. Make a time level according to your capacity. Don’t “force” dreams that are usually 25 years old to be achieved, but you want to achieve them in just 2 years. Of course that’s not realistic even though it’s obvious.

Make Plans And Steps That Are In Line With The Company

Companies are looking for employees who can meet the company’s needs, not just looking for employees who need work. For that, make a realistic design and step by step of the career goals you want to achieve. Remember the first point, this plan and step must also be realistic.

Have A Commitment To Achieve The Goals Set

Dreaming is not enough if there is no action to achieve it, right? For that, you must be able to maintain the rhythm of your mood and energy to always work hard every day to achieve the set career goals. If you’re tired of resting, don’t stop. Keep trying and evaluate every day, what is lacking and what part should be improved. Employee commitment can be seen by superiors in the form of punctuality to go to the office and on time doing any given work.

Ready For All The Challenges That Exist

Goals that are easy to achieve are a sign that your goals are not too big. That’s the saying of the wise. For that, you must have a strong will and commitment to achieve that goal. This commitment needs to be held firmly so that you can complete every stone that is blocking your career.

Avoid Bragging Yourself

Never say the sentence above if you are being interviewed. Don’t overdo it and don’t brag. Confidence with songong is different, confidence in your abilities is something that must be done. Don’t be low on yourself during the interview. Convey your achievements in a casual way, and don’t be too proud of your personal achievements.

Company Orientation

Because you apply for a job, automatically what the company expects is someone who can contribute to the company. And, it’s also not hypocritical that the company is your path and place to achieve predetermined career goals.

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