How to Write an Excellent Admission Essay for College

Admission essay is one of the requirements you usually need to submit for college. This essay will give you a chance to impress the college’s admission officers. Please write it carefully and give an excellent essay so you have a big chance to be accepted. From this essay, you can express your writing style and show to them about your thinking ability.

Write an Excellent Essay

It’s not that hard to write an excellent essay. But some students find it hard because they don’t know the right way to do that. Before you prepare for your college admission, let’s learn how to write an essay. Here are 5 easy ways to make a brilliant essay for your admission:

1. Read the Instruction

Before starting your essay, read the instructions first. Starting your essay will be the hardest part but it could be easier when you understand the instruction. Make sure you know what kind of essay you’ll write, what’s the main topic, and read the rules of writing format. It will give you the right direction to write the essay easily. Follow the instructions carefully to increase your admission chances.

2. Make a Great Introduction

Like any other type of writing, an introduction is very important. Great writing is possible to achieve when you start with a great introduction. It will help you to get attention from the reader. The admission officers usually only read the introduction to know if the essay is good enough or not. Please open the essay with an anecdote or an interesting topic. It will give some interest for your whole essay.

3. Avoid Write Cliches

Please remember that you’re competing with thousands of other students. They’re all applying for the college and submit the same essay. So please be different and avoid writing cliches. Show your inner voice by writing something different. It will give your admission essay a high score and help you to be accepted in that college.

4. Give an Example

It will be good if you give good examples to support your ideas in the essay. Let the admission officers understand how your mind works by giving them examples. Every idea that has been written in the essay should be completed by an example. That means you don’t simply state a fact but also give a specific example so people will understand it easily.

5. Proofread the Essay

Please ask someone to proofread your essay. Proofreading is very important so you can get the correction of typos and grammar errors. Make sure that you proofread it by yourself and ask other people to read it. It will give another perspective so you can complete your essay in an excellent way. If other people proofread your essay, it will give you a chance to see mistakes you don’t catch.


Write your admission essay in a smart way. You will be able to produce an excellent essay if you write it carefully. Make sure the essay meets the college’s requirements. From the excellent essay, you will have a bigger chance to be accepted in your dream campus.


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