The Secret Way of Chinese Career Success

The Secret Way of Chinese Career Success – The Chinese are famous for their hard work and tenacity in reaching their dreams. At the same time, the chinese prove that chinese citizens can not only be successful as custodians.

Their work ethic and high fighting spirit (though sometimes they can be considered very ambitious) are their capital. The following is the secret way to a career success like the chinese (a collection of great work ethic and imitated style) that the chinese adhere to in their pursuit of success in life.

Secrets of Chinese Career Success

Not Afraid to Dream. Even from the lowest position, the Chinese have no prestige. Because, even though they are still at the bottom, they are not afraid to dream of reaching the highest position. By holding this sky-high dream, whether you realize it or not, you will also try to find a way and strategize to achieve it. The Chinese believe that the wheel of life is always turning. One time it is at the bottom, but other times it will make it to the top.

Work and Work

Working and producing a masterpiece is one way to prove to the world that you exist. The Chinese hold this as a way of life. “It’s like if you don’t work or don’t do something useful for yourself, your family, and others, what’s the point of living,” Siddhartha said. Time and opportunity are a luxury that the Chinese do not waste. If you use this philosophy in your career, it means that you don’t always measure tasks only with material satisfaction.

Because by producing good work, you also have the personal satisfaction and are increasingly mastering the field of work that you are currently engaged in. Don’t forget that proving yourself in the form of good work can also be a means of self-promotion. Not only will you prove yourself at the company where you work, but will also reach neighboring companies.

Thinking For 3 Descendants

According to Confucian philosophy, the Chinese always think for 3 generations at once, namely for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. For example, if he has Rp. 50,000 in cash, then he will not use all of it for personal gain, but only about Rp. 15,000. The rest will be saved for the needs of children and grandchildren. By being frugal, they can anticipate various problems that may arise in the future.

Never Give Up

Everyone must encounter obstacles in life. However, each person also has a different way of dealing with it. Chinese people believe, every obstacle in this life will bring them to a better condition. Like a promotion exam, if you pass it successfully, you will get a bigger reward (result).

 Mastering Business From Upstream to Downstream

a Chinese businessman will try to cut production costs by handling the entire production process himself. Although the method used by Chinese businessmen can be economically dangerous because it is prone to monopolies, you can take the positive side. Also, equip yourself with useful knowledge from various sources. Don’t you have a dream that one day you will have your own publishing company?


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